What are we worth?

Hello fellow internet followers! It’s been a long time, and I dare say a very long time, like two years I think since I last posted. If you haven’t noticed I’m not very good at this blogging idea and it hasn’t quite developed into a hobby. Recently, and I mean very recently, as in the past few days, I picked up my Bible for the first time in a long time outside of church. Now it may not seem like a big achievement for many, however, to me it’s my first step towards growing closer to Christ after my few attempts that did not go very far because I did not pursue Him.

I generated a title and that’s probably what brought you to my blog post so I’ll get to the point. As a teenager with self-diagnosed anxiety and a few other mental issues, you could say I’m enlightened. In a way my prayers have been answered, well a few of them. It’s not exactly an existential question, but I’ve always wondered why God makes such a big deal of sanctification, sexual purity, holiness, and self-control over sinful desires of self-indulgence.

Now I’m not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, I’m just sharing what I’ve realized from reading God’s Word. I realize that I like to ramble and my past posts were very long. However, I’ll do my best to keep this short.

God adores what He has created and understands our true value and pricelessness.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NASB

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not you own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.

God does not want us to defile ourselves similar in the way you don’t dirty diamonds on purpose. Unlike society, God tells us we’re precious. Society has demeaned the human body and sexualized it in every way possible. Our Father is only asking us to take care of the gift He has given us, our bodies.

I can tell you from the get-go that I’m downright sinful. I fall into temptation quite often, but God never fails to remind me of His love for me.

Whether you’re struggling with self-love, sexual immorality, lack of self-control, or hopelessness in oneself, there’s a kind and loving God that cares for your well-being. He tells us all these things that we don’t want to hear, or they don’t match with our plans, or they’re struggles in our life and temptations we can’t conquer because we are important and precious. YOU are worth far more than you can imagine.

The sinful world around us has blinded us. We don’t realize that when we ignore the beautiful thing God has given us and tarnish it with our sinful desires and the wanting of society it depreciates our value that we perceive. Our value has not changed from the minute we were born, it’s only if we recognize it or not.

Embrace what was given to you and realize that God does and says everything for our benefit. He loves us in a way we cannot comprehend. Don’t ignore something so wonderful just because us humans do not have the capacity in our minds to understand it.




Making Decisions

So hello again! I haven’t been on in forever, since March to be exact, but I recently went through another tough situation. During high school years we will experience many different things, some of which could be depression, sicknesses, and the most common, love. Do you ever wonder what God says about love? Love is something that we don’t have. We are only able to love others because we have received love from somewhere else. In the end all love has come from God, because without God we wouldn’t know love. I know that many teenagers are allowed to date, and others have a until a certain age that they must wait. It’s not wrong to date, it doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that dating is wrong. But often we get attached to a person, and if that person is not a believer, then it’s easy for them to drag you into their behaviors and sins. This happened in the Bible to King Solomon, he was a king who obeyed God. He had also built God a temple, but he also had many wives and concubines, over 700 wives and 300 concubines. These women turned his heart away from God and he started worshipping their idols with them. On the other hand the temptation to date someone is strong, along with the peer pressure to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend. But don’t rush, because in the end God has a plan for you. Jamie Grace has a really good song explaining this called Just A Friend. I’ll tag it below so you can listen to it. But don’t feel like you have to rush things or that you need a boyfriend or girlfriend. God has the perfect person for you. But God has given us the ability to make decisions, if you choose so to date, then do so but don’t let them affect your relationship with God. After all this is a temporary world and God is eternal.

Works and Gifts

Have you ever thought that things are unfair? If course you have. When you put in more efforts than others yet you both receive the same amount of ‘reward’. It’s not fair and our pride won’t allow it. But that’s not what the Bible says nothing we receive is a result of our works, it’s all a gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8-9 (NASB)For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.
Just as the the father of the prodigal son, blessed his second some who left and spent all his money. It wasn’t anything his son did, but because of his grace. Just as it is God’s grace we have received salvation and rewards in heaven.

Walking with Christ


Pathways and Excuses

Anything can influence you in a good or bad way. But not all of these things can get to you. In my opinion, society is the worst influence right now. All the standards that we think we need to meet, and everyone’s opinions and actions sometimes blur our vision. There is a clear path to God, through Christ. But we get distracted and swayed.

I can go to Youth Group and Bible Study, but I have too much work to do.

I can worship Him by singing songs and raising our hands, but other people will judge me.

I can read the Bible and my devotional journal, but it takes to much time.

The world gives us excuses to keep us away from God. But we need to wear the Spirit like armor, put on a helmet and walk through the fog. We say that we want to come to the Father, but we let worldly things get in our way. No matter how much time you have, God is worth it all. Even if you don’t have time, still make time for God. Whatever you give God, He will give you ten times more. Because everything you do on Earth for God, there will be rewards in heaven. So save some time, and give it to God. What is truly important won’t fade away, and the love of God will never fade away. So give time to God, because He created time and He created you. So what’s the excuse for not glorifying Him?

Praising God


Are things worse?

Many times when people accept Christ they think that everything will be perfect for them, but that’s not true. In fact things can be harder, this is our sacrifice to God for following Him. A friend of mine, who is also a follower of Christ lost their wallet. What was most important was that he had his rent payment in the wallet. It was gone and the police  can’t help him. But instead of moping around he said that God closed one door, but opened another.

Just like what he did, even though he lost his rent money, he still has God with him. This is what we all need to remember, but until we are really in need of God we don’t realize that He’s the only one for us.

I have been a Christian for maybe 5-6 years, but I never really realized that I needed God. When I went to a Christian Conference this past winter, I got in a car accident. Right at that moment I was so scared and all I could do was pray to God and ask for comfort. I will never forget that moment, because that’s when I realized that God was the only one for me.

One door may close, but another is opened.

So before you need to come across a sad situation to realize that God is there, take a couple of minutes and think what God really is in your life. And if He’s not your everything, then you have something to change. Our purpose of life and in everything we do is for His glory.

Finding Christ


Managing Anger

Everyone has anger issues don’t deny it. Including me, but no matter what we need to be able to control ourselves at least for the time being. No man can control their tongue, that’s what the Bible says. But God gives us some advice

James 1:19 (NASB) says “This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.”

It’s hard to control our anger, but we can control it with God’s help.

James 3:8 (NASB) says “But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison.” In reality we can’t control the tongue, but when we ask for help it’s God who controls your anger. You have to give yourself up to Him and rely on Him.

So the next time someone annoys you or if something displeasing happens to you. Remember to stop, think, and leave it to God.

Sisters in Christ


The Day of Love

Valentines Day just recently passed. It’s a nice occasion for couples to celebrate their love and have a romantic date together. (Not that you can’t do it any other day) But I know that there are also many single ladies(and men)out their, and there are those upset without a date. But let’s think about it……..thinking……thinking……. bingo! We all have a date, someone special even more special than our husband, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends. IT’S GOD! Instead of looking for someone let God bring them to you. In the meanwhile spend time with God and even if God has brought that special someone to you. Just like Adam and Eve did before keep on thanking God. Everyday of the year is a special day, because that day only happens once. Once we waste it it’s gone.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.49.30 PM

I Googled What is the significance of life? and everything that came up was; no significance, just live, YOLO, the government, after life, science, reproduction, live life to the fullest, and more.

But I’m telling you there is a significance in life, it’s God’s will. Instead of looking for your perfect someone just go with God’s flow and love Him. Give God the glory He deserves and live like Christ, because the significance of our life is to live with God eternally when we die.